Oscars 2015 Highlights

Oscars 2015 - emi ito illustration

The Oscars were last night.  Did you watch?  I've never been a huge fan of award shows, but I do love how excited everyone gets about them.  As in, I like the idea of having a party to watch the Oscars more than the idea of watching the Oscars.  Is that weird?  Maybe.  Anyway, I wasn't watching the Oscars because I was driving home from Tampa.  Waze directed me to drive through a PANTHER HABITAT in the pitch dark which was TERRIFYING, but I didn't see any panthers : (  I was mostly terrified because I would never forgive myself if I hit one, so I just drove really carefully and didn't even listen to the radio (I swear it was more scary than it sounds).  

Anyway, apparently these were the highlights of the Oscars: