Illustrating for In Earnest Magazine

I love digital magazines and am always looking for new ones to follow.  It has been a dream of mine to contribute to them, and the stars aligned when I recently reached out to In Earnest.  I love the magazine's purpose:

"In Earnest exists to aid women in navigating the reflective life. . . . We seek to create content that expands our perspectives, builds our strengths, and encourages us to embrace our unique roles.  In Earnest is the convergence of thought--What is the good life?--with action--How do we live well in the every day?"

This purpose really resonated with me, especially as I have spent the past year really trying to learn more about myself, my strengths, and how to live life with intention.  I'm honored to be able to work for a magazine with such a great mission.  It's also cool that we happen to share the same initials :)

My first illustration for In Earnest came out this week, to correspond with a sweet essay by Tessa Carman about the role of coffee in her relationship with her husband.  You can read it here.

Safe travels, and happy early Thanksgiving!