August Daily Drawing Week 2 Recap

See San Francisco - emi ito illustration

Hello there!  Here is a recap of the second week of my #augustdailydrawing challenge.  Have you been keeping up with it?  I sometimes have a hard time being consistent about things I'm doing just for myself, and this certainly has been a challenge for me, but I think it has been really rewarding and productive so far!  

Day 10: A Celebration of National S'mores Day


I didn't know about this holiday until the day of, but when I found out about it, I knew I had to draw it for my daily drawing, seeing as I make s'mores in my toaster oven almost every night... hah!  Click HERE to watch the video!

Day 11:  Lemons 

I made two different version of lemon prints for Day 11.  Which one do you prefer?  They're both available for sale on Society6: Brighter Print, Darker Print.

Day 12: San Francisco! (above!)

For this day I drew an image from SF Girl By Bay's See San Francisco book.

Day 13: Succulents

I drew more during the weekend but wasn't good about posting on social media - I needed a social media/internet break!  I'll catch up with posting them this week : )