Halloween Ideas

inventor dog - emi ito illustration

Halloween really snuck up on me this year.  I have no clue what I'll be, but more importantly, I had no idea what to do for Ollie's costume until just the other day.  Since he's part dachshund, the default would be to dress him up as a hot dog, but I feel like that's overdone.  Then, the idea came to me the other night while I was watching Ollie play with his toys.  Recently, he has taken to combining his toys to create a "new" toy.  For example, he has a rubbery Z-shaped toy that he'll cover with a disemboweled plush moose toy, and then he'll chew on and play with the "new" toy as if it were one.  Pretty genius if you ask me, although I may be a little biased : )  So, to highlight my dog's brilliance (hah!), Ollie will likely be an "inventor dog" this year!  Let's hope I can quickly pull together a nerdy dog outfit...anyone have a spare dog lab coat?