Just Start

just start - emi ito illustration

I've been really into podcasts recently, and listened to a great one the other day that I only recently discovered: Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. with Tiffany Han.  I found it because I'm currently reading Art, Inc. by Lisa Congdon and am fascinated by Lisa's career, and found that Tiffany recently interviewed her.  I tend to binge-listen to podcasts, so after listening to Lisa's interview, one of the next ones I listened to featured Elise Blaha Cripe, and was all about just starting doing something you've been thinking about doing, instead of just planning and waiting until everything is perfect.  I'm definitely guilty of doing this, especially when it came to this blog and doing my artwork.  I would tell myself that I needed to get a really good website setup first, or get art certain supplies first, or research the best ways of doing certain things first, and then my posts and drawings would get more and more delayed.  Eventually I had to tell myself that the most important thing was just to do it and figure out the details later.  Yes, there is still a lot of work that can be done here, but so far, thinking this way has helped me be a lot more consistent with my work and blog!  I still hesitate that way these days about other things, but I've been trying to make a conscious effort to just do things and not be so concerned with whether they're perfect from the start.  The podcast really encouraged me to keep going, and maybe this will inspire you to get started on some dream or neat idea you've been putting off!  Have a great weekend!