Spain & Musings on Paella

paella - emi ito illustration

Oh, paella.  I have such mixed feelings about you.  When we were in Spain, we ate paella every day.  Sometimes even twice a day.  This was not by choice, but was basically forced upon us due to either the people we were eating with or a lack of options.  Neither of us particularly like paella.  Not because the concept is not a good one -- it's really a delicious idea -- but because it is so often poorly executed, that it is more likely to be bad than good.  We thought in Spain, and particularly in Valencia (the home of paella), it would be just as we imagined perfect paella to be: flavorful, with perfectly cooked rice and lots of seafood and meat.  Instead, it still managed to be disappointing, with mushy rice, little flavor, not enough seafood or meat, or too much oil, which really blew my mind.  In any case, I learned a new thing about paella that I had never known before.  The original paella from Valencia does not have seafood!  Crazy, right?  I'll leave you to simmer with that thought until my next drawing (pun intended).  Happy Tuesday!