Valencia Recap

red shrimp - emi ito illustration  

We're back from Spain and Italy!  It was such a great trip -- the weather was great most of the time, the food in Italy was delicious (more on that later), and we got time to relax and recharge.

During our time in Spain, I got a chance to go on a tour of Valencia, including the really cool central market.  Part of the market is designated for vegetables, meats, and spices, and another section is set aside for seafood.  All of the food looked so delicious and fresh, but the seafood section was the coolest to me!  There were so many types of fish and other seafood I had never seen before, including these beautiful bright red shrimp.  I knew I had to draw them once I got a chance, because they were so neat looking.  The market actually had an amazing variety of all different types of shrimp, but these really stood out to me.  Stay tuned for more on Spain and Italy!