Throw Out 100 Things Challenge

throw out 100 things challenge - emi ito illustration I'm a big fan of Jess Lively, and recently was really inspired by her "Throw Out 100 Things Challenge."  I love that she called it "exfoliation" -- it is a surprisingly accurate word to use, and makes the task sound much more tolerable.  I have a tendency to want to save things and to not waste anything (ingrained by my parents), but I'm often overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have, and love the idea of having less clutter and a more minimalist lifestyle.  Here's a drawing of my first cut!  It seemed like so much, I can't believe it is only 19 items (not including duplicates)!  Like Jess, I did not literally throw out the majority of these items -- most were donated, recycled, or passed on to someone new.  Thanks for the great idea, Jess!