Canned Coffee - So Darn Good!

ucc canned coffee - emi ito illustrationHurrah!  I reached the last "drawing a day" of my personal challenge!  I'll still keep drawing, no worries, but I'll probably end up posting 2-3 times a week instead of every day.  I'm sorry today's post isn't colored - I was so looking forward to coloring it in but my day and night ended up being really busy and I didn't have time.  I'll probably update it some time soon, so stay tuned. One thing I constantly miss about Japan is its amazing selection of canned coffee.  It's something you just can't find in the U.S. and it is such a shame because it's 1) SO tasty and 2) so convenient.  The closest thing I can find here are the Starbucks coffee in glass bottles, but the flavor is just not as good and there are no options for black coffee or various roasts and levels of sweetness.  One day, I'm sure it'll make it here, just like all of the other Japanese things that have slowly made their way here, but for me, "one day" is not soon enough!