A Drawing A Day

  A Drawing A Day - emi ito illustration

I decided to challenge myself in the month of April by doing a drawing a day.  I think it will be a great way for me to be consistent about my drawing, and also to relax about the process.  I tend to be such a perfectionist that my fear of doing a drawing that I am disappointed in often prevents me from beginning a drawing in the first place.  I was really inspired to do this from following Jason Polan on Instagram.  He posts all sorts of drawings from his daily life, and really manages to capture the essence of what he is illustrating.  I love his style of drawing!

Today's drawing is of a photograph from this month's issue of Rue Magazine, in an article about a Classic Dill Pickle recipe.  I meant to do it in color but didn't get a chance to do that today.  Maybe I'll post an updated version later this week!