Back in the Swing of Things! Plant-Based Meals

Plant-Based Meals - emi ito illustration Hello again!  I'm getting back  into the swing of things after a rough and never-ending winter.  I totally fell off the wagon with healthy eating, among other things (ahem...drawing) and needed a fresh start once the first signs of spring came around.  Luckily, I happened to come across Jess Lively's podcast interview of Jessica Murnane a few weeks ago and was totally inspired about eating plant-based meals in a way I had never been before.  She presented plant-based eating in a way that was all about not being deprived of good food, and it was amazing to hear about the incredible ways it transformed her health.  I wasn't ready to go quite that far, but definitely needed to reset my way of eating, so I have decided to become a pescetarian for a little over a month - so far so good!  I'm learning lots of new recipes and I really haven't felt like I'm missing out on anything.  Although this will probably just be a temporary diet shift, so far it has been a great learning experience and has made me more aware of everything I've been eating - which I really needed!  The picture above is a kiwi, mint, and coconut cream on a pear crisp recipe that Jessica Murnane came up with for Simple & Crisp, which looks totally delicious!