Thoughts on Paris and Beyond

Days later and I still can't stop thinking about the horrific attacks in Paris, and all of the earlier attacks around the world. I've never felt good with words at times like this, and I don't even normally talk about current events, mainly because so much of what goes on makes me sad, angry, or frustrated with what little I feel like I can do to help. Seeing all of the pretty and self-promotional pictures on Instagram in the past few days has just left me feeling gross inside. While so much of this feels trivial in light of all of the bigger issues going on in the world, I am trying to remind myself that people can also be wonderful and that we should do our best to make the most of each day and do things that make others happy and enrich others' lives. In trying to move forward positively, I'm going to try to be better about keeping up with what is going on in the world, and look for more opportunities where I can help, as small as they may be. May we never forget the lives of all of the innocent people affected by terrorist attacks and other atrocities, and may we move forward with their spirits in mind to try to peacefully make the world a better place.

Recent Work

anthropologie in front of bookstore - emi ito illustration

I've neglected the blog a bit for the past couple months as I've taken time to evaluate my business and work on client projects that I wasn't able to immediately share.  Here is a quick update with some of my recent work!

JCrew NYFW 2015 - emi ito illustration

A quick sketch from J. Crew's 2015 NYFW line up.

Tanabata - emi ito illustration

Added color to a tanabata drawing I made a while ago.

ICATCH Logo - emi ito illustration

Updated logo for ICATCH (International Community Access to Child Health), a branch of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Stuff't Logo - emi ito illustration

A fun logo for Stuff't, a delicious, DC-based pizza roll company.

Hello and Goodbye, September

lilla rogers talent search submission - emi ito illustration

Oh me oh my!  It's been forever since I last posted - where did September go?  Here are a few illustrations I worked on over the past few weeks.  The above illustration was for the Lilla Rogers Talent Search competition, for which I didn't make the cut, but I'm glad I participated as a way to challenge myself and draw things that I wouldn't ordinarily think to draw!  

A drawing of some fun leopard print Aquazzura heels for Day 20 of my #augustdailydrawing challenge.

Courtney Adamo's Daughters - emi ito illustration

A sweet drawing of Courtney Adamo's two daughters from an Instagram photo for Day 21 of my #augustdailydrawing challenge.

A fun little cat print for Day 22 of my #augustdailydrawing challenge.  Available as a phone case, tablet case, mug, phone skin, laptop skin, and a more simple art print if you are so inclined!

A hamburger & hot dog pattern I created for Labor Day Weekend.  Available as a phone case HERE!